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Mentors and Special Friends

Are you a happy, confident adult with a positive outlook on life? Do your friends and family say you’re great with children? Consider sharing your spare time, skills and laughter with a child or youth in need!

Our volunteers are positive role models to children and youth of all ages throughout Halton. In as little as two hours a week, you can make a significant difference in the life of a child or youth.

Meet Natalie–A Mentor

In 2003, Natalie saw an ad on a volunteer website and called the Society. A worker had asked for a mentor for 11-year-old girl. Her parents were both very ill and she was showing signs of strain in school. She and Natalie had common interests, so they were introduced and Natalie began meeting her to do crafts, go to movies and the library, explore Toronto and museums, go camping, practice life skills and share new experiences.

Over the years, Natalie has been a constant companion for the young woman, who is now in college.

“It’s been years of highs and lows, lots of learning, lots of challenges and lots of fantastic experiences for both of us.” Natalie has five brothers, so spending time with this young girl has been particularly special for her.

“We’re very different people with very different life experiences. As she has grown up, my role in her life has evolved from that of a caregiver, entertainer, teacher and provider of snacks to being a confidante, travel companion and friend. Never having raised a child of my own, the learning curve at certain stages was very steep, but we always got through it!

“We’ve gone camping and spent weekends in Toronto, Niagara Falls and at my family’s cabin in the Ottawa Valley. Last summer we spent several days in Halifax. Two summers ago we camped in a yurt at McGregor Point on Lake Huron. On that trip I think we both realized we really are friends. She is a great travel companion and we had a lot of fun.”

“We email daily and see each other two or three times a month. There’s lots of flux, depending on what’s going on in our lives but we are always in touch.

“I was so proud when she started college last fall; she was so organized and confident and ready to move into her own place. She’s the first in her family to go to college and it’s such a great accomplishment!”