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Halton Model

The Halton Children’s Aid Society (Halton CAS) is a vital part of the communities we serve. We see ourselves not as an external authority, but as one of many community supports across neighbourhoods, within the social services agency spectrum.

Community placements are determined by data analysis of vulnerable neighbourhoods and referrals received.

Embedding our staff in the community generates personal familiarity with children, youth, families and our service partners. It improves information sharing, reinforces collaboration and lessens the fear and stigma of child welfare.

Cross-referrals (and self-referrals) are timely and well informed about what the children, youth and family need and who is best suited to address those needs. Community partnerships lead to early help, to better focus and to fewer re-openings.

Halton CAS works alongside other child serving organizations in Halton Region not only on individual cases, but also as part of collective planning for the broader system. Supported by a backbone organization—Our Kids Network—Halton CAS is part of a key initiative that entails collaboration in strategic planning and service delivery within and across sectors and services.

The goal is that children, youth and their families receive the right kind of support as easily and as close to home as possible.