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The Importance of Mentoring

Halton Youth Collective Impact Mentor

“The Halton Youth Collective Impact program has been such a rewarding experience for me as a mentor. Through this important program, I have developed a mentoring relationship with two individuals, formerly youth in care. At the beginning, I took cues from each individual as to what kind of mentoring relationship they wanted. Slowly and thoughtfully, we chatted and texted with each other, and got to know each other. My role now with each of them is quite diverse, which makes my experience even more enjoyable! We text about how their week has been, and we meet for lunch and talk about their jobs and busy schedules. I have given advice on college assignments, discussed cooking and groceries, explained how to iron clothes and have asked one of my mentees for some advice while shopping together for make-up at the mall. These two mentees have demonstrated so much positive strength and work ethic, and it is always my pleasure to talk and meet with them.” ~JH, Halton Youth Collective Impact Program Mentor

Halton Youth Collective Impact Program Participant

“Hey there. I wanted to thank both of you for helping me pursue my educational goals. I have been using the collective impact money to help pay for the certificate I earned. This will be the fourth one now and I am
hoping I could still apply for a college/university course even once I ‘age out’ in September. Just wanted to share the news I’m still working on getting more to improve my chances of getting accepted in a writing/art school. I recently completed Creative Writing: The Craft of Character from Wesleyan University on Coursera.”

Former Youth in Care

“I am a former youth in care that was lucky enough to be a part of the collective impact. The collective has really helped me with my education. With this program I was able to get a nice rose gold Macbook Air laptop and the software I need for my program. Without the collective impact, I would not have been able to afford a laptop or the software to get through this year online.”

Halton Youth Transitioning from Care Pilot Study 2020