If you have concerns about a child call: 905.333.4441

About Us

Who is the Halton Children’s Aid Society?

The Halton Children’s Aid Society (Halton CAS) is your local community resource for children and youth and one of 50 mandated children’s aid societies in Ontario. In every community throughout Halton, our colleagues share strategies and success stories, developing the best ways to serve those who need us most.

We’re here to help children, youth and families thrive. Our programs and services begin with a child or youth and extend to embrace families and caregivers through a community of healthcare providers. We receive a mandate to do this work through the 1984 Ontario Child and Family Services Act and the provincial government funds our operations.

In a better world, we wouldn’t need to be here. There would be no injuries, no despair, no tears, no grown‐up‐too‐soon realizations—no small lives interrupted. But it happens. So we are here to help, and heal. Clearly, the need is greater than our resources, and we invite volunteers, donors and fundraisers to join us.

Going beyond our basic funding, we implement programs and activities that enhance the quality of life for children and youth in our care and help them realize their dreams and reach their full potential in the community. To fund the additional programs, we rely on the generosity of donors and the hard work of our fundraising arm, the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton.