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Our Stories

Meet Andy

Andy is a ten-year-old boy who was searching for the forever family who could honour and support his birth family.

The Halton CAS Adoption Team located a maternal uncle, his wife and their two children who were a potential match for Andy. However, the family lived in the USA in California. Thanks to the hard work of Andy’s adoption worker, LB, who took a crash course in the process of, and endless paperwork for, an intercountry adoption. As a result, Halton CAS was able to develop and secure an adoption transition plan with Andy and his family proving that no matter what barriers we may face, we can move mountains to achieve permanency.

In July 2022, Andy’s permanency became a reality. Andy and his forever family traveled to the US embassy in Montreal to secure his visa and he moved to California where he was placed on adoption with his maternal family. Being placed with family means Andy will continue to have openness with his birth mother and grandmother. In addition, Andy’s culture, identity and family will be supported and will very much be a part of his everyday life.

This is the first intercountry adoption for Halton CAS in many, many years. This process is a clear indication of the support, passion and commitment to find the resources to help our children and youth soar.

We are very excited to share that Andy is thriving in his new location and very happy with his forever family!

Meet Peter

Peter was born in 2016 and placed with foster parents who had expertise in caring for high-risk infants as Peter has a genetic neurological condition. Peter has made significant gains in both his emotional and physical development thanks to the high level of care from his foster family. Peter continues to thrive making daily gains and meeting developmental milestones. While a transition home is always our goal, it was ultimately determined Peter was not able to live with his birth family. Peter’s foster parents thought of him as a part of their family, so they made the decision to adopt him. Peter has consistency, support, predictability and a forever family. Today, he continues to heal, grow and thrive.

Meet Cynthia

Cynthia is a teenager who was first placed in foster care when she was 12 months old before being adopted. When the adoption broke down, Cynthia was placed back in care. Staff learned Cynthia still had a connection with her foster family and discussed a potential placement. In 2019, Cynthia moved in with the foster family. Cynthia feels very much a part of this family and there are ongoing discussions that Cynthia will continue to live with them past her 18th birthday, if that is something she wants. Cynthia found her Road Home!!

Meet Veronica

Veronica is 12 years old and has special needs. She was moved to a foster home when she was unable to continue living with her father and stepmother. Veronica’s mother, who had not cared for her since Veronica was three, worked diligently with us to gain custody. Weekend access eventually became full-time care and custody. Mom was open, honest and worked hard. In May 2021, Veronica was placed back in Mom’s care and now lives with her half-sister and remains connected with her maternal and paternal families. People’s pasts do not have to dictate their futures. People with a mental health diagnosis can overcome obstacles and live a happy life.

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