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Our Stories


“Reflecting on this past year, a lot of people could say it has distanced all of us. We are now stuck living in a virtual world, limiting our face-to-face contact; however, in a sense, it has been a blessing. We have been able to connect with youth in ways we never have before. Those youth who live out of region are able to connect with other youth and staff through
our virtual programs and events and feel a sense of inclusion. To reflect on the theme Everybody has Somebody Somewhere, I think it resembles the notion that anyone who provides you a sense of safety is only a zoom call away! In a sense, we are lucky to have the technology we do right at our fingertips!” CG, youth worker

Staying Connected

“I live way out of the region. I currently reside in North Bay, which is like four hours away. I’ve definitely stayed connected to my CAS because I’m very involved with the activities they run. I’m involved with the YouthSAID program, which has definitely been the biggest way I’ve stayed connected. Everyone there (staff and kids) reaches out and we all check with each other one way or another. Also, I’ve stayed connected by them making sure to reach out and include me. I go out of my way to check-in with the workers and stay updated on all the events that are taking place. I think that COVID has made my relationships with my workers in Halton stronger because we check in way more. It has also made me appreciate the connections more. COVID has made me realize just how strong my support network is.” Alyssa

Working Together

"Julie is currently enrolled in college and must complete a First Aid course as part of her program. On the first day of the course, Julie suffered an anxiety attack and was unable to attend. She called me in tears and was ready to give up. We worked together to brainstorm a solution that included Julie’s mom accompanying her to the course on another day. Julie and mom attended the course together and both passed with flying colours! This is just one of many stories of supporting youth and their families." CD, youth worker