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Youth Testimonials

From a Full-Time Student

“I am a full-time student and have just completed my first year in college. My first year in college was a different experience than most to say the least, simply because I attended school at the height of a pandemic. Starting college is scary enough, you have to learn how to live by yourself for the first time and budget accordingly, and then on top of all that you have all these additional costs, textbooks, course fees, residence fees, etc., all while ensuring you are working hard enough to pass all your classes. The additional $390 has helped me pay for some of those additional costs that come with moving out on my own. Having that additional financial support helps me to focus more on my studies instead of worrying about how I can spread out my last bit of money on groceries for the week.”

Making Choices

“During the pandemic, there has been so much uncertainty. Whether it be losing my job, or getting my hours cut back where it scares me that I won't have enough to pay my bills. The one thing that made life a little bit easier during this time has been that extra little bit of money just in case things take a turn for the worst. When the money was not available, it was a choice between paying for bills or buying groceries and, most of the time, my bills came first and food came last. Though I am thankful for those grocery gift cards, it usually isn't enough to ensure I have food to last me a month, let alone two weeks. That extra bit of money makes it so I am not overly stressed about everything going on and am able to focus on the things that I need to, without the worry of ‘am I going to have enough money to pay my bills’ or ‘am I going to starve this month because my bills need to be paid?’ I hope this $390 will be here for a little bit longer, because the pandemic isn't going away any time soon and it would be really nice to have that extra bit of financial support during these tough times.”


“I want to start by thanking you for the additional $390 for all these months. Unfortunately I have been laid off twice since the pandemic started. I have been able to make very little money through Instacart. The $925 CCSY funding has been going to the rent I pay my grandma and paying for food and bills. The additional $390 has been helping me with my future. I have been trying to save as much as possible for when I'm in school and am paying way more in rent. The pandemic has been so hard on me. I'm married to my amazing husband who lives in America and, due to the pandemic, we have barely seen each other. I've been trying to get all the immigration paperwork together to get my husband here to Canada with me. My mental health has been deteriorating and I can't function due to it. I am going to college for a full-time course to become a PSW. As a young adult, I am a stressed with what seems to be the weight of the whole world on my shoulders. This additional $390 per month has been helping me feel a bit better about my future.”


I am so incredibly grateful for everything the agency has done for me over the last few years. Even after all these years, I am still shocked by the generosity you guys continue to offer. It is not entirely dramatic to say the monthly $390 saved me during this pandemic. I wasn't expecting it at all, so I had fully accepted I was going to burn through all my savings until I could find work again. But, I never had to. The $390 alleviated so much stress and fear. I also support my brothers so I was worried about all the sacrifices I was going to have to make when the severity of the pandemic finally hit. When I say the $390 saved me, I am being completely honest. Saved me from countless sleepless nights, hungry mornings and many panic attacks. I am so thankful for the agency and everything you guys continue to do for me!!!”

Alleviating Stress

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, I personally felt a lot of stress figuring out how I would be able to get money since I didn't qualify for CERB and wasn't able to find a job. When I learned I would be getting an extra $390 per month, it alleviated a lot of that stress and I was able to use the money towards transportation since public transportation had a lot of obstacles. I’ve been eating healthier because I can afford organic options and it's been helping my mental health. I have a sense of a hope that I can still save while being able to get my essentials and not falling short.”

Helping Me Save Money

“The $390 during the pandemic helped me to not starve every month. Usually, I run out of food with my Continued Care and Support for Youth (CCSY) funds so it was nice to have extra. My hours at Mark’s Work
Wearhouse got cut back to one shift a week and the $390 helped to make up for lost wages. I was also able to save a little bit of money every month, which I have never been able to do before. To be honest, I am really worried about what is going to happen when the $390 stops. I have come to rely on it especially since the pandemic is not over. I was supposed to be aging out last July and I am really glad that didn’t happen because I don’t know how I would make ends meet. I think CCSY should continue until age 25 because I know I am not ready.”