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Life in the Fostering Community

Meet H.A., Kin Caregiver

“Fostering to me is being that bridge that provides passage to a child from a place of uncertain and unfriendly life conditions to new stable, caring and nurturing grounds. Sometimes the distance between the two is short and easily traversed. For others, it is a long journey that just requires more links in the bridge, but at all times the bridge works together as one safe haven adjusting as needed. And we never burn the bridge, so the child remembers they can always go back when the time is right. As the bridge we not only securely provide passage for a child, we act as sentry so a child can bring their good memories and supports while restricting the negativity that displaced them.”

Meet M.S., Resource Parent

“Fostering to me means giving a child a home where no judgment is passed on. A sense of security a place they can feel safe, welcomed even loved. I became a resource parent because I wanted to give back something I never got in care as a child or teenager! It’s rewarding to me to watch my kids grow and evolve and even teach me a few things. The biggest impact that fostering has had on me is my family branches beyond biological. It’s a circle that never ends and my arms are open wide. A child that has impacted my life came to me as a teenager at 14 who has grown into a man that I proudly call my son. He’s turned 21 in July and I can’t imagine my life without him. I don’t need a piece of paper to call him my son, but without a doubt I will always be a part of his life. I will be there when he needs me to be and even when he doesn’t. I will celebrate his milestones his success and failures as I would with my very own child. We are family!”

Meet a Foster Mother

“I grew up in a dysfunctional family and understood some of the challenges children face. My goal was to help one child. If I accomplished that, I had done my part. After eight years, I have reached that goal multiple times over. What greater accomplishment in life but to know you impacted the course of a child’s life for the better. The first foster child placed with me got caught up in drugs with an abusive partner and was barely attending school. That same child has since graduated university, has a great job and is in a healthy relationship. The second foster child placed with me was suffering from neglect and trauma. I was able to provide them with a nurturing home and ensure they got the professional treatment they needed. That child had an opportunity to heal and went on to be adopted. That child is now living with a mom and dad. No matter how long or short their stay with you, you can make a positive difference. It’s a big commitment, but the payoff lasts a lifetime.”

Meet a Foster Family

"Fostering brought our biological family closer together while also building lifelong relationships with the children in our care and their families. Through the different levels of training offered by the children’s aid society, we have learned more effective ways of parenting and communicating. Fostering has given us an awareness of the depth of need for parenting support in our community. We learn something from each child that is placed in our care. There are not words to explain the love and blessings that each little person brings with them. We began fostering hoping to make a positive difference in a child’s life. We continue fostering because of the difference each child makes in our life. Fostering means becoming family with complete strangers, with the goal in mind of bringing that family back together. We don’t see it as a way to build our family, but rather becoming family for an extended period of time, to then say goodbye. Best case scenario is to look at the bio family and be able to say, ‘It takes a village, and we’d love to be part of your village’”.

Meet T.K., a Foster Parent

“Fostering allows us to open our hearts and our homes to our neighbours in a time where their life is falling apart. It builds compassion and empathy in our hearts and the hearts of our children. We have felt such deep love and profound loss at the same time. These children become part of your family. It comes with the cost of loss and grief for your family. But worth it, so these little ones don’t have to face some of the hardest days of their life alone. One little guy’s life was completely changed. We were able to be part of his story and make a real difference! To go from failure to thrive, to meeting all the milestones in a year’s time, took a lot of commitment, work, patience and love. To see him now, it was so worth it. Every day was a gift. He changed our lives as much as we helped change his.”

Meet K.M., a Former Youth in Care

“Every child needs and deserves to grow up safe and protected from abuse and neglect. Foster parents offer children the support and stability when they need it most. In my experience, my foster parents made me feel wanted and loved when I felt lonely and abandoned. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to live with foster parents instead of staying in the group home for years.”

Meet Some of our Retired Foster Parents

Foster a Child . . . Change a Life!

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