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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Adopt from the Public System?

Adoptions in the public system offer the assurance of sound assessments of children and parents, access to extensive training, services and supports through the adoption process and pre-adoption and post-adoption advocacy for special health and educational services.

What Kinds of People Adopt?

Ontario’s public adoption values finding the best match for the child. Ontario Children’s Aid Societies welcome diversity in adoptive parents – including single parents, all ethnicities and religions, same-sex couples, older adults, and those with modest incomes. Children need loving, safe and nurturing families who are committed to helping them grow and develop.

What Kinds of Children and Youth are Available for Adoption?

Some children are placed at birth by their birth families for adoption through their local children’s aid. Some children and youth are living in children’s aid foster homes and are legally available for adoption. Some children and youth have medical or emotional challenges that they will need help dealing with.

Are there any Financial Supports for Adoptive Families?

In June 2012, the government of Ontario announced subsidies for families who adopt or become legal custodians to sibling groups, and/or youth over the age of ten years. The Government of Ontario also provides special post- secondary grants for all former Ontario Crown wards, including those who are adopted.

What is Openness in Adoption?

Children and youth can be adopted and still maintain connections to members of their biological families–grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles–especially sisters and brothers. This connection helps adoptive parents be better parents and helps reduce the trauma of separation and loss for children and youth.

What is Adoption and is it Right for Me?

In Ontario, there are several ways in which you can adopt and people often explore all three systems. Families interested in adoption can learn about the public child welfare system through their local children’s aid society, or private and inter-country adoption through private practitioners.

How Much Does it Cost?

Adoption through a children’s aid society is a free service. Private and inter-country adoption fees must be covered by the adoptive family.

How Long Will it Take?

The length of time will vary greatly and is hard to predict given that the matching process is the most important part of the process. Timing can be influenced by the current number of applicants, timing of training and willingness to consider children with complex needs.

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