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Supporting 2SLGBTQ+ Community Members

The social climate regarding transgender, non-binary and the 2SLGBTQ+ communities has recently had a very concerning negative shift. A movement towards hate, to sharing misinformation that gender affirming care is harmful and the discriminatory changes to trans rights in schools are happening in Canada. Hate has no place in Canada, in Halton Region or in our workplace. In response to this shift, there are events and protests planned across Canada today to counter anti-2SLGBTIA+ rallies. Please see the article, Hamiltonians to respond to anti-2SLGBTQIA+ protests in Canada (chch.com), for more information.

If you are currently supporting someone from the 2SLGBTQI+ community, please reach out to them and show your support. Sometimes a simple message of ‘checking in’ is all that is needed to show you are an ally. Let the person know you are aware of the protests today and wanted to check in to make sure they are okay. This kind of acknowledgement is so critical in the expression of our care.