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June is Pride Month

June is Pride month, a time to celebrate the diversity and many contributions of 2SLGBTQ+ communities across Canada. Pride month also reflects on the obstacles 2SLGBTQ+ people face – and continue to experience – in our communities and in the workplace. The work is not over.

The Halton Children’s Aid Society is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and welcoming workplace for everyone. Pride month reminds us all to reflect on the spaces we occupy and the system of which we are a part. Child welfare agencies operate under the historical context of white supremacy, colonialism and heteronormative ideals of family rearing. The current legacies of these historical contexts result in inequitable outcomes experienced by the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

The celebration of Pride means learning – and unlearning – unconscious biases such as transphobia and homophobia and making intentional efforts to include everyone’s voices when decisions are made on policies, programs and services. It means using inclusive language, attending webinars and workshops, reading on how to be a better ally and understanding systems of oppression.

Positive Space Network is also hosting a number of events – CLICK here to learn more.