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Bikes for Kids Program

About 15 years ago, Greg Pace had a few extra dollars in his pocket. He bought a couple of children’s bikes, then set off to find little kids who needed them. From that one, generous act has grown CAFH’s annual Bikes for Kids program.

"Halton Children’s Aid Society refers the children who need or want a bicycle, then we raise the funds to buy them. I ask my friends and family, my colleagues, everyone I know to donate, and pass it on. We’re always in need of funds and every bit helps.”

Each of those children then gets a brand-new bike, just for them at Christmas.


“Absolutely,” says Greg. “If someone donates a used bike, we find a home for it. But children who don’t have much are always getting second hand items. There’s something about receiving a new bike that can help a child understand their worth. And with the help of Canadian Tire, we’ve a partner willing to stretch every penny and scrounge for the very best options. Bikes for Kids takes months of effort.”

Greg recognises the impact such a gift can have. “It’s not just a bike, it’s a way of saying to this child, you’ve got a community. We want you to thrive, to get a foot up. Because of a bicycle, maybe that child can get to school or a part-time job, or make friends easier.”

Last year, about 80 children received a bicycle, helmet and lock. Since the program started, that’s over 1000 children.

“I hope it makes a difference,” he says. “The goal is to help children thrive. In anything, success is a game of inches. All those little things add up to big things. Every inch counts.”

Want to help? You’re welcome to donate, tell a friend, or throw a party and invite people to put a few dollars in a bike helmet. https://www.cafh.ca/donate.html