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Happy Birthday Canada! Top 10 reasons why Canada is a Great Asset-Builder!

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

By Mary Tabak, Our Kids Network Developmental Assets Manager

Asset-building in Halton has evolved and now encompasses Developmental Assets, Family Assets and Relationships. We don’t need to look any further than our own country for great examples of asset-building:

  1. Canada knows that small things like pond hockey, neighbourhood barbeques and nature walks make a big difference.
  2. Canada is a caring and responsible role model for other countries.
  3. Canada plays nicely and builds strong and respectful friendships with other countries.
  4. Canada understands that health, education and safety are important.
  5. Canada’s music, arts and dance scene is celebrated and supported.
  6. Canada welcomes and embraces people’s differences. It strives to create environments where people belong.
  7. Canada resolves conflicts peacefully.
  8. Canada offers adventure and new experiences through its beautiful landscapes and its unpredictable weather patterns.
  9. Canada practices democracy and freedom of speech. Communication in Canada is very polite.
  10. Canada likes itself. It is valued by others as a great destination and is highly embraced by others when it travels.

Canada didn’t get like this by accident. It was the work of careful and intentional planning in an environment of partnership and collaboration. For Canada’s birthday this year, let’s reflect on the strengths that make us all a great asset-builders for Halton kids.

Happy Birthday Canada and keep up the great work!

For more information, resources and ideas about asset-building, visit the Asset-Building Toolkit.

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150 ways to show kids you care! Canada Day and every day! http://bit.ly/1PAppsy 

National Volunteer Week

Friday, April 28th, 2017

April 23-29, 2017 is National Volunteer Week. In 2017, volunteering comes in many forms and is as diverse as Canada itself.  Someone who shovels their neighbour’s laneway or who brings a lost pet to the animal shelter is helping to build a stronger community. Sometimes we miss recognizing these people as volunteers because they do not occupy a formal role within an organization or group. 

At the Halton Children’s Aid Society, our volunteers play a VERY important role for our children, youth and families. They annually contribute more than 16,000 hours of their time in various roles including mentors, volunteer drivers, summer camp support, food for life program assistance, tutoring and so much more.

Join us in celebrating volunteers this week. However you recognize volunteering in 2017, one thing remains timeless . . . volunteer efforts create positive impact in communities across Canada.

Lowe’s Canada Heroes Program

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Lowe’s Canada Heroes Program — Supporting the Halton Community

Since their inception in Canada, Lowe’s Canada has been a very active supporter of various national and local causes to help strengthen the communities in which they operate. That means lending a helping hand in times of need, which is the ultimate goal of the Lowe’s Canada Heroes program.

Each year, Lowe’s employees team up to provide hundreds of hours of support to local communities as part of the Lowe’s Canada Heroes employee volunteer program. The storewide program encourages employees to work together, adopt a volunteer project with a local not-for-profit organization or public school and make a difference.

We are so thrilled staff at the Burlington-North Lowe’s Canada store chose our Society as the recipient of their 2017 Lowe’s Canada Heroes program. The enthusiasm and creativity shown by everyone in the planning stages of this campaign has inspired us. We look forward to exploring all the ways we can work together to help the children, youth and families we serve in the Halton community.” Robyn Connolly, Communications Specialist, Halton Children’s Aid Society.

Want to be a Lowe’s Canada community hero? It’s easy. From April 17th to May 14th, visit the Lowe’s Burlington-North store (3270 Harrison Court) to donate $2 at the checkout in support of the Lowe’s Canada Heroes program. Did you know? One hundred per cent of all proceeds will stay in the community and support a local cause—the Halton Children’s Aid Society. In addition, Lowe’s Canada will match 50 percent of all funds raised through the in-store fundraising campaign up to a maximum of $2,000 per store.

At Lowe’s, it’s not just about home improvement. It’s also about community improvement.