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"I would greatly encourage children like me to open up their hearts and homes to such children in need"

Monica’s Story

Hi . . . My name is Monica.

I am 11 years old and will be 12 in November.

I like to read, write, sing, dance, play computer games, draw cartoons, play soccer, cheerlead, go shopping, travel, go ice skating, and play the piano. I have passed the Grade 2 examination from The Royal Conservatory of Music. I am a student in Grade 6 at the Local Catholic Elementary School. I am a Girl Guide.

I and my family thought about becoming a foster family 2 years ago. I am the only child of my parents and I yearned to have brothers and sisters as I felt lonely. We got our first foster child on March 14, 2011. His name is Robin and he was 4 years old. The moment he walked in, he lit up the whole house. He is funny, very playful, loving and smart. He is crazy over cars and has heaps of toy cars, trucks and picture books of them. He has so much potential. When he started in Junior KG at the local public school, the staff had some concerns but now, he is way ahead of his class. All his teachers are amazed at his intellect. Even his biological family are amazed at the changes he has made over this short period of time. Robin has become like a real brother to me. I feel happy and excited when he is around me.

The 2nd boy is named Tony. He is 2 years old and he came in October 2011. He is absolutely cute, intelligent and very, very curious. He loves to imitate Robin in everything he does. Robin loves being Tony’s older brother, and as an older sister, you may think they are a handful. Well, they sometimes are but it sure is fun to have 2 younger brothers.

Overall, I am having an amazing experience. The only problem which breaks my heart is the thought when they would have to leave my home. It almost feels like a missing puzzle piece from within my heart, but, you do feel great knowing that they are back with their biological family. Honestly, I am going to miss these 2 little guys when they leave!! We do heaps of extracurricular activities together like swimming, soccer, volleyball, cycling, dancing, cheerleading moves, camping and other fun stuff. We share in the household chores and work in the garden. They are so eager to help and enjoy in their tasks.

We recognize each other as brothers and sister. Robin introduces me as his sister and he is a part of our family when we have visitors come over.

We give the children in our care opportunities to be a part in planning activities. We communicate with each other very easily and have good laughs often. We are supportive of each other and share in all that we do. I sit with Robin and help him with his school homework. We go to Bible Study once a week and he won the 2nd prize from a group of about 20 other children. He enjoys Bible Study and can quote Bible verses standing before an audience. He has won lots of applause from the staff.

We have a scrap book for each child where their photographs are stored. We go over them from time to time and talk about all the good times we had.

This April, we got a new 11 year boy whose name is Harry. He is very creative. Believe it or not, he is teaching me Mandarin. We have great fun together playing video games, board games, etc.

Foster children go through a lot of painful experiences in their lives. I know that I would want to be loved and cared for by loving parents. And I have learned that this indeed is my job. It is my responsibility. At first, it could feel a bit uncomfortable but as you get used to it, the children learn from us and we in turn learn from them. We have so much to learn from each other.

I have observed that when children first come into our home they feel unsure, hostile and afraid not knowing what to expect and what tomorrow holds for them. But, with patience, love, caring and nurturing, the children gain a sense of security and belonging to a family. We see the brightness in their eyes and how they bloom like flowers in the sunshine. Seeing the smiles on their innocent faces is so rewarding. This gives me a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. What more can I ask for?

I am extremely fortunate to have foster children living in my home. It is one of a kind experience. Almost no other child my age would be experiencing the thrill of having foster children as their brothers and sisters. And, I can proudly stand before an audience and share with them my thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences about having foster children as my brothers and sisters. I can say that I feel like a movie star.

I would greatly encourage children like me to open up their hearts and homes to such children in need. We are the ones who can indeed make a tremendous difference in their lives. We show them a brighter tomorrow. We stretch their imagination. We give them opportunities to maximise their potential.

Thanks for reading what I have related above. I am still in the learning process and am building upon all the knowledge I have now. I know this process is making me a better person in every sphere of my life.

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