Adoption is an Option!

Adoption Awareness Month

Children’s Aid Societies advocate for life-long relationships for children and youth in care, while addressing the myths about public adoption

Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies provide a free, public adoption system in Ontario, which includes support, training and education.

Children’s Aid believes every child needs a family that will love and nurture them always. When a child or youth comes into the permanent care of a Children’s Aid Society, the agency begins planning for the child or youth’s future, which may include a broad range of options to achieve a lasting, secure and stable familial relationship. Children and youth need the stability and lifelong security that comes from a permanent home. Options to create stability include: living with kin, customary care, legal custody/guardianship, foster care and adoption.

Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies have over 100 years of experience in providing public adoption services and helping find permanent, loving homes for children and youth. Building strong families for life is extremely important for Ontario and is critical for those children who desperately want and need to belong to a family.

There are many successes in Ontario’s public system. Over the last five years, there has been a rebound in the number of adoptions completed supported by a substantial increase in the use of the targeted subsidies program. Last year the Halton Children’s Aid Society completed 17 adoptions.

Especially during November, and all year round, Children’s Aid raises awareness of the needs of children and youth to have stable, permanent families, and especially the needs of older children, sibling groups and children and youth with special needs. Every child needs a family!

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