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August 29, 2017 / Current News Category

September Family Night Social – Halton Families for Families

Halton Families for Families September Family Night Social will take place in Acton and is going to be full of...
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August 24, 2017 / Current News Category

Back-to-School Drive in Full Force

Our fundraising arm, the Children's Aid Foundation of Halton (CAFH), is in full swing with this year's Back-to-School drive for...
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August 22, 2017 / Current News Category

Take the STING out of Back-to-School

Make the first day of school sweet. Please consider the children and youth who are supported by the Children’s Aid...
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July 17, 2017 / Current News Category

You’re The Chef!

Good-bye Fast and Processed Foods: Learning to Cook from Scratch! By Jennifer Jenkins-Scott, Health Promoter, Healthy Families Division of Halton Region Health Department When was the last time you made a meal from scratch? A whole meal, prepared using fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs? Parents today are so busy that they often rely on fast or processed foods for ease and convenience. But the trade-off is that these foods are much higher in fat, sugar and salt. Eating these types of foods frequently can put children at risk of developing chronic diseases. There is also a lost opportunity for family time together in the kitchen and for children to learn the enjoyment and skill of cooking. Research has shown that improving children’s food skills in the kitchen results in higher vegetable and fruit consumption for the whole family! “Our Kids Eat Well”, a new Our Kids Network work group with a focus on promoting healthy eating in fun and interesting ways, has launched “You’re the Chef!”
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April 28, 2017 / Current News Category

National Volunteer Week

April 23-29, 2017 is National Volunteer Week. In 2017, volunteering comes in many forms and is as diverse as Canada itself. Someone who shovels their neighbour’s laneway or who brings a lost pet to the animal shelter is helping to build a stronger community. Sometimes we miss recognizing these people as volunteers because they do not occupy a formal role within an organization or group.
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April 24, 2017 / Current News Category

Lowe’s Canada Heroes Program

Since their inception in Canada, Lowe’s Canada has been a very active supporter of various national and local causes to help strengthen the communities in which they operate. That means lending a helping hand in times of need, which is the ultimate goal of the Lowe’s Canada Heroes program.
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