Complaint Process

How to File a Complaint

The Halton Children’s Aid Society (Society) is committed to offering the best service possible.If you have a question or concern about the services you are receiving, we encourage you to talk to the worker helping you, their supervisor, or someone else at the Society.

Complaining Directly to a Society

At anytime, you can submit a complaint directly to the Society. The first step is to complete a Formal Complaint to a Society’s Internal Complaints Review Panel (ICRP) Form and submit it by delivery/mail (1445 Norjohn Court, Unit 1, Burlington, ON  L7L 0E6), fax (905.333.1844) or e-mail (bsecretary@haltoncas.ca). Explain your problem clearly and include all of the details that are important to you, so that those reviewing your complaint will understand your concerns.

Complaining to the Child and Family Services Review Board

You do not always need to go through the Society’s Internal Complaints Review Panel process before submitting a complaint to the Child and Family Services Review Board (the Board). In most situations, you can file a complaint with the Board directly and follow their steps on how to proceed.

Keep in mind that the Society and the Board review processes cannot consider:

Complaining to the Ontario Child Advocate

The Ontario Child Advocate (the Advocate) provides advocacy services and can receive and respond to complaints from children and youth. If you are a child or youth, you may complain directly to the Advocate about any matter, without beginning or completing a process to complain to a society’s internal complaints review panel.

The Advocate can also conduct investigations. If you are a child or youth with a concern or someone with a concern about a child, you may complain to the Advocate to investigate a matter only as a last resort. You must exhaust all other complaints procedures before a request for an investigation can be made.

Complaining to the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner

You may complain to the French Language Services Commissioner at any time when you believe that your right to be served in French was not respected.

CLICK here to learn more about the full complaint process from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

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