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Appreciating Family

Families come in all shapes, sizes and configurations and on Family Day in Ontario — Monday, Feb. 15 — it’s a time for everyone to appreciate their family — and give some thought to those who don’t have any.

The face of today’s family is constantly evolving — single-parent, two-parent, foster, adoptive, same-sex, heterosexual, grandparents, relatives... from many ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Despite the differences, family units represent love and support, a shelter along the journey of life and a cheering section, no matter what.

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Halton CAS recruiting foster parents

As Family Day approaches, the Children’s Aid Society is asking that people take a moment to remember those who don’t have a family with whom to share the celebration.

In Halton, approximately 123 children and youth are living in care, 43 per cent of them age 13 and over.

“Youth on independent living receive a fixed income of $900 per month. The majority are going to school, often working part-time jobs to supplement their income and trying to cope with everyday life,” according to a CAS Halton press release.

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