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Adoption is an option—help children and youth create lifelong connections

To recognize Adoption Awareness Month, Ontario’sChildrens Aid Societies (CASs) are raising awareness that all children/youth need and deserve a family to love and nurture them as well as lifelongconnections theycancount on.

When parents/caregivers are unable to provide a safe living environment for their children/youth, CASs make every effort to provide supports so they may remain in their family home, rather than coming into care. These supports may include parenting classes, counseling and referrals to community agencies such as mental health or addiction services. In Halton, over 95% of children and youth remain in their own homes and do not come into care of the Society.

When the safety of a child/youth cannot be ensured and they come into the care of the CAS, a plan for their extended future begins immediately.

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Halton CAS reaches out to residents with information on adoption

Every child and youth wants a family and they all have one thing in common: the need for a safe and loving home for a lifetime.

The Halton Children’s Aid Society (CAS), which has offices in Burlington and Milton, is marking Adoption Awareness Month by encouraging residents throughout Halton to learn about the role of adoption and lifelong connections in making a difference in the lives of children and youth.

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